Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to the new iteration of

Mission statement
3POINT75 is a small but shiny little point of light in the D&D Community. It was the makeshift home of Players and Dungeon Masters alike, who wanted to stick to their favorite game after the announcement of 4th edition D&D. Now it has a new agenda.

At that time 3POINT75 was a place for those people who wanted to polish their game, rather than to invest money in a new edition of D&D that completely overhauls the game in such a radical manner as 4E did. At the 3POINT75 message boards members shared their ideas about how 3.75E should look like.
3POINT75 also hosted a petition where people could ask companies to provide some sort of polished 3.5 edition (at that time called 3.75E), so that they could continue their games, with some major rules issues settled.

Finally Paizo announced Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (PRPG), that would exactly be what the people wanted. The new PRPG is now the new benchmark for all 3.75 fans.
But the journey for does not end with the final release of PRPG, as other companies decide to stay 3E.

3POINT75 is a place where you can find information about all thing 3E and meet other like-minded people, for example at the message boards.

There are many things to be done:

* Collect news about other 3.75 movements
* Talk about other 3rd party stuff and it's compatibility to PFRPG
* Conversion of 3.x stuff to PRPG
* Settings for the PRPG

We'd be happy to welcome you at 3POINT75

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