Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Motherland Campaign Setting part 2 - Adventures in Calhaligon

The Kingdom of Calhaligon is on the brink of destruction. After the death of King Balkor XII his wife queen Lucya struggles hard for the survival of the kingdom and the safety of it's people. It's the time of heroes.

While there are currently thousands fires that need to be quenched, the kingdom of Calhaligon faces six major threads:

The elven retreat of Darkwood is constantly attacked by ravaging barbarians and evil humanoids. They do not only cause wanton destruction to the ancient forest, but also seem to search for something preciuous that was carefully hidden by the elves a very long time ago.

Mount Ironheart was once inhabited by a proud kingdom of dwarves. A millenium ago the dwarves were driven out of their ancient halls by an unspeakable evil. Only few dwarves survived to tell the tale. Now that evil seems to leave the underground to seep into the city of Thunderhold.

In the Barren Lands were the grip of Queen Lucya and her loyal followers is weak, a civil war threatens to bring chaos to the region, as power groups from within and from outside try to control the borderland.

A terrible stench comes from the fetid Great Swamp. A stench of evil, as something that was thought destroyed returns to Calhaligon with a vengance.

The druids and rangers of Deeptree face a new enemy, as a powerful dark druid announces a new druidic order that claims to be supreme to the four ancient traditions. At the same time the Earthmother hasn't spoken to any druid for more than two cycles.

The Knight Defenders of Stelwerd, the largest knightly order in Calhaligon is troubled by inner political conflicts, and fail to perform their duties. Most confilcts are seeded by an unseen enemy.

(c) 2008 by Markus Brixius, map by Marjon

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