Monday, August 25, 2008

Motherland Campaign Setting part 3 - Good Deities

The following article describes some of the major good deities of the Motherland setting. Stay tuned for the evil gods and more information about the pantheon. The entries for the deities use the following format:

Favored Weapon

Godess of nature, balance, life
Earth, Air, Water, Fire, fifth domain depends on order
depends on order

Merdi, the Shining

lawful good
Godess of justice, charity, light
Glory, Good, Law, Sun, Fire

Oneron, the Keeper of All Knowledge

lawful neutral
God of knowledge, self perfection, history
Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strenght
unarmed strike

Merta, Matron of Artisans
lawful neutral
Goddess of Commerce, Crafting, Invention
Law, Artifice, Nobility, Knowledge, Trickery
light crossbow

Sasne, Mistress of Pleasure and Healing
chaotic good
Goddes of Healing, Beauty, Happiness
Healing, Good, Charm, Liberation, Protection
unarmed strike

Fardi, Master of the Minstrels
neutral good
God of Poetry, Music, Art
Charm, Travel, Knowledge, Rune, Nobility
short sword

Fina, Seneshal of the Forest

neutral good
Godess of woodlands, wild beats, hunting
Animal, Plant, Earth, Protection, Charm
punching dagger

Naim, the Warrior
lawful neutral
God of battle, skill at arm, strenght
War, Strenght, Protection, Glory, Law
battle axe

Farr, the Unweary
chaotic good
God of Freedom, exploration, travel
Travel, Protection, ...

Spick, the Everlaughing Jester
chaotic neutral
God of trickery, luck and mischief
Chaos, Trickery, Charm, Luck, Repose

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