Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motherland Campaign Setting part 4 - Evil Deities

In the Motherland Campaign Setting many vile gods are plotting in the dark realm of Mag-Mor against the gods of light that dwell in the celestial realm of Tiren-Ag.
Here's a first introduction of the evil immortals of the realm.

Ravager, the Destroyer
chaotic evil
God of destruction, slaughter, bloodlust
Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War, Weather
bared claw

Gothmol, Planter of Strife
chaotic evil
God of plotting, foul intrigues, lies
Trickery, Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Charm

Nefrast, the Deathwalker
neutral evil
God of undeath and nightmares
Death, Evil, Repose, Knowledge, Earth

Arkul, Master of Tyranny
lawful evil
God of tyranny, slavery
Law, Strenght, Evil, War, Nobility
morning star

Murzul, Lord of Pestilence
chaotic evil
God of disease, poison, pain, loss
Artifice, Evil, Madness, Destruction, Water
spiked chain

YagĂșl, Prince of Darkness
neutral evil
God of Shadows, Darkness, Murder,
Darkness, Trickery, Air, Evil, Travel

Laysia, the Seductress
neutral evil
Godess of trickery, lust, secrets
Charm, Evil, Fire, Knowledge, Nobility

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