Sunday, August 24, 2008

WARP20 - two new feats for Klingons

Today we continue with a new Klingon racial trait and a new feat for Klingons. Feel free to discuss WARP20 and other topics in the message boards. Have fun.

Human Augment [trait]

Due to secret DNA experiements many Klingons lost their cranial ridges, which results in a more human-like appearance. If a Klingon with the Human Augment trait behaves normal, he does not suffer the -2 penalty on diplomacy checks when dealing with non-klingons. In addition a Klingon gets a +1 bonus when attempting to disguise himself as a human.

R'uustai [feat]
R'uustai is a bonding ceremony similar to brotherhood. You fight better with your bonded friend.
Benefit: When using the Aid Another special attack you or your bonded friend gain a +4 bonus to the next attack roll or as an armor class bonus against that opponent’s next attack.
Normal: Without this feat you only get a +2 bonus

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