Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep 'em alive and kicking - A Complete Guide to healing part 2/3

Official Rules

Reserve Points
The reserve point rule was first presented in Wizards of the Coast’s Unearthed Arcana supplement. Reserve points give the character a second wind after a combat. With Reserve Points you speed up game pace a lot.

Action Points
If you use action points in your game you should remember that you can spend an action point to stabilize your dying character. Action points are presented in Unearthed Arcana as well.

Skill tricks
Skill tricks were first introduced in Wizard’s of the Coast’s Complete Scoundrel. With the Healing Hands Skill trick you can heal characters, while stabilizing them.

Alternate Rules

A character is dead when his hit points are reduced to his negative constitution score. Normally a character dies at -10 hit points.

Staying conscious
A character is allowed Constitution check each round while dying to stay conscious. The DC of this check is 10 + the number of hit points below zero. The character is still disabled and dying. Normally a character becomes unconscious at zero hit points. This replaces the diehard feat.

Faith Healing
If a cleric and an injured character are of the same faith, each cure spell automatically heals maximum hit points. If a cleric heals an injured character of the same faith while praying to his deity he may roll twice for the heal check and use the better die roll.

Quick Recovery
You may add your constitution score to the 10% percent chance to check if you are recovering hit points naturally while being disabled

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