Monday, August 18, 2008

OD&D - Back to the roots: 1E

You are an old school gamer, but your 1E Dungeons & Dragon books have been fallen to dust at your attic? You are a new gamer who wishes to delve into the golden times of roleplaying, but the old books on ebay are way to expensive? Don't panic - try OSRIC.
OSRIC is an old school reference & index compilation that aims at recreating 1E Dungeons & Dragons within the OGL. On their webpage you find a free download with all the rules you need to start playing with a 1E look and feel as well as some classic items and monsters. 'Monsters of Myth' - a monster manual that contains more than a hundred and fifty new creatures is in the works. So nothing can stop you now from having your 1E experience. Check it out!

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