Friday, March 6, 2009

Good news from the next world

Wow. What a week! Many great things are happening in den 3E/Pathfinder scene.
Let's start with:

Game veteran Monte Cook has presented another surpise. At the Alliterates blog he announced his new project, a subscription-based website that will offer new game content every weekday. The website is supposed to start at march 2009. describes Dragon’s Delve, a mysterious (mega-)dungeon of vast size, fascinating secrets, and great danger. The website will have a blog, where Monte shares some insight information, and it will have some community functions like forums and polls. Best of all: The whole thing is based on 3.5E and maybe conversions for pathfinder will be available. "The cost for membership–if you join in March and become a charter member–is only $7 a month." Go for it!

Finally Pathfinder has released the Pathfinder Compatiblity License and the Paizo Community Use Policy. Check out both links for details.
The good folks at paizo have also provided the Compatibility Logo:

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