Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ecology of the Gaming Table - Part 1: The Table

Welcome to this new series! Find out how to optimize your gaming pleasure in the real world. Learn how to create a comfortable gathering place and thus how to maximize the roleplaying experience for you and your friends.

Let's start with the gaming table itself. Some cool roleplayers have already posted pictures of their projects. Gone are the days when you had to play at the kitchen table.

The guys at Agyris built a custom rpg table from scratch, complete with player stations and a MDS (message delivery systems).

You may already know this from Dragon Magazine, but it's always a classic worth re-posting. See how the cool people from Pen, Paper, and Pixel used a projector to enhance their gaming table.

“If there’s a Gamer Heaven, I hope it has rooms like this.” said Andy Collins about this ultimate gaming table. This table even has a name. Check out "The Avenger"

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